“Our agency has been so fortunate to have Lauren as a speaker at our Infant-Parent Mental Health trainings. She brings an expertise that can only be gained through personal experience and delivers information with complete professionalism. Participants report that Lauren brings a richness and authenticity to the training that greatly enhances learning. Additionally, Lauren’s perspective encourages participants to step outside their comfort zone to consider ways in which they could deliver services in a more respectful and effective manner. Thank you, Lauren!”
Brett Collins, LCSW
Trainer and Director of the Peer Parent Advocacy Program
A Better Way, Inc

“One online conversation with this fierce mama singlehandedly catapulted me into nonstop advocacy for, and celebration of, my son. I saw in Lauren’s example a strong, supportive mother who always finds joy in her son. Once I wrote to her, I met other moms of children with Down Syndrome, and my grieving for the typical child he isn’t ended. I began to see him for the gift that he is to me and our family.”
Tanya, mom to a beautiful and cherished little boy with T21

“Lauren has helped me access writing and ideas that have expanded the way I think about disability. As a disabled person, this has resulted in increased understanding how my disability intersects with various facets of my life in useful and theraputic ways. Additionally, Lauren has helped expand my awareness of the social model of disability, which has postively impacted my disability justice work tremendously.”
Sonya Austin Emerick, autistic person, mother, and activist